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A Special Message To You From Steve

(This is only a 30 second video)

As an Arizonian, I am honored to stand with the great people of Legislative District 1.   I care deeply about the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions. I will represent this district in alignment with conservative values. You can learn more about me on this website. Join our zoom calls and meet me in person at various events. LD-1 needs and deserves functioning schools, natural resource management, a secure border and so much more.  Together we can make a difference!

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Steve's Top Priorities for Arizona

We do not have a

nation without secure

borders. This is a 

top priority.

Less government and lower taxes are the answer to a sound economy and private sector growth.

We need to restore

confidence in

Arizona's elections

and protect our

sacred right to vote.

Our schools are failing in basic English and Math skills. We must reverse this trend.

Americans are guaranteed the right to bear arms by the U.S. Constitution.

The natural resources

of the great state of Arizona must be wisely protected to ensure our future.

Proud Citizens of Arizona

Most people in LD-1 care passionately about this country, as do I.  My wife, Sharon, and I respect honesty, integrity, morality, and a belief in God.  


Six years ago we escaped California as “political refugees.” Having observed the destruction of California’s conservative community first-hand, I am committed to never letting that happen in Arizona. 


I am a veteran fighting for your constitutional freedoms. These are the values I bring to office.

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I am a young voter who is educated about the issues.  My age group sees how politicians have let them down and we feel very demoralized by politics.  That’s why I am voting for
Steve Zipperman because he is a normal citizen who cares
and will represent me and my family.

Kate Vang

Chino Valley, Arizona

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