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The Trump-backed candidate for Arizona governor endorsed constitutional conservative Steve Zipperman for Arizona State Senate. Kari Lake was a former anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix and became a symbol of truth in journalism when she walked away from the mainstream media despite being number one in the ratings for more than two decades.


Kari Lake wrote this about Steve Zipperman;

“Steve Zipperman and I share the same ideals and approaches that will make Arizona free, safe, and prosperous, as represented by my own policies. As an America First candidate, Steve understands that our country and State have reached a turning point, resulting in either failure or a return to greatness. We must choose greatness. As a State Senator, he will serve the people of Yavapai and Coconino Counties well.” 

This endorsement comes after Zipperman filed his petitions with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to appear on the Republican ballot for LD-1. Steve Zipperman had this to say in response to his endorsement by Kari Lake;

“I am honored that true conservative Kari Lake has endorsed me to become the next State Senator for the great state of Arizona. Kari and I both agree that Arizona needs to move in a new, more conservative direction driven by America first policies. The soul of this nation is under attack by radical leftists. In the Arizona Senate, I will work tirelessly alongside patriots like Kari Lake to restore the soul of this nation and make Arizona great.”

Arizona Constitutional Conservatives for Proper Government

*Committee for Constitutional Conservative Candidates

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Steve Zipperman, America First Constitutional Conservative and candidate for the Arizona State Senate, garners still more support from, “ We the People.”


In accepting this endorsement, Mr. Zipperman stated, “It is an honor for me to receive this significant endorsement from the Arizona Constitutional Conservatives for Proper Government. Our joint commitment to standing strong in support of Constitutional principles is a pledge I am proud to uphold.”    

Jim O'Connor

Arizona Corporation Commissioner

After being endorsed by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, Representative John Fillmore, and Trump-backed Kari Lake, Steve Zipperman announces another endorsement from Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Jim O’Connor.
Commissioner O’Connor is best known as the only statewide elected official in the State’s history to have won his seat as a “Write-In” candidate in the 2020 Republican Primary. He has served with distinction since taking the Oath of Office in January, 2021. His proudest decision on the Commission was sponsoring a rule prohibiting Arizona’s Public Service Companies from firing employees unwilling to take the vax; protecting utility workers from unconstitutional government mandates.

Jim served as President of the Arizona Republican Assembly in 2017, ran for AZGOP Chairman in January, 2017; served as a Member of the Electoral College in 2016 electing Donald J. Trump as President; served as Chairman of district 23 in Scottsdale & Fountain Hills 2015-16; and continues as a Precinct Committeeman & State Committeeman for his sixteenth year.

“Jim has a rich history of public service, and the amount of time he commits to protecting Arizona citizens is admirable.”  Zipperman continued by saying he is “blessed to have received this endorsement from Commissioner O’Connor. Just like Jim, I will be a public servant who fights for the people.”

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John Fillmore

Arizona State Representative

As support mounts on behalf of Steve Zippermans campaign for Arizona State Senate, Representative John Fillmore has announced his endorsement of Mr. Zipperman. 

Representative Fillmore currently serves Arizona’s 16th House District. In the legislature, Fillmore represents the people of Casa Grande and Maricopa. As an America First representative, Fillmore served as a board member of the Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce, a former Rotarian, and founding member of the new Apache Junction Kiwanis. In addition, Rep. Fillmore also recently sat on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association, and he was their government liaison on environmental concerns.

Recently, Fillmore introduced an important election integrity bill, House Bill 2589. This bill would require all ballots to be counted by hand within 24 hours of the election date. With the introduction of this bill and numerous other election integrity-related bills, John Fillmore has solidified his position as a true America First legislator for Arizona.

“I am pleased that America First conservative John Fillmore has decided to endorse my like-minded campaign,” said Zipperman. “I have seen the good work John has done in the legislature to ensure election integrity. John is endorsing my campaign because he knows I will be a strong ally in the Arizona Senate and I will do everything in my power to ensure that our elections are secure and free from interference,” continued Zipperman.

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Arizona Free Enterprise Club

The Mission of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club is Simple - Take A Principled, Aggressive Stand In Support Of Our Issues And Policies. Unlike Other Organizations In Arizona, The Free Enterprise Club Is Not Afraid To Stand Up To Powerful Politicians And Special Interest Groups That Want To Maintain The Status Quo. Learn More about the grassroots organization at azfree.org.

After receiving a slate of support from the Arizona Republican Assembly and Trump-backed Kari Lake, Constitutional Conservative Steve Zipperman has been endorsed by the Arizona Free Enterprise Club.

The Arizona Free Enterprise Club is one of the few organizations in the state dedicated to advancing pro-growth, and limited government policies in Arizona. Their mission of promoting economic freedom and a vibrant Arizona economy has led to several policy victories, including substantial income tax cuts, regulatory rollback to promote entrepreneurial growth and protection of our property rights and free speech. Additionally, the Club is the leader among free market organizations in realizing that substantial policy gains require taking on the establishment and supporting free market outsiders.

“The Arizona Free Enterprise Club knows the importance of getting government out of the way.” said Steve Zipperman. “In just 18 months, Joe Biden has virtually destroyed a booming economy through his excessive regulations and spend and forget policies. States all over the nation need strong conservative leaders, like myself, to take free market principles to heart and get our economy back on track.” Zipperman continued.

With the American economy on the brink of recession and inflation at an all-time high, strong constitutional conservative leaders like Steve Zipperman will get our economy back on track.

Teresa Martinez

Arizona House of Representatives

District 11

Conservative Republican Teresa Martinez, representing Legislative District 11 in the Arizona House of Representatives, is announcing her endorsement of candidate Steve Zipperman for the Arizona State Senate.  District 11 is located between Tucson and Phoenix.

Martinez was appointed by the Pinal Board of Supervisors to the House on October 27, 2021, to fill a vacant seat.  At the time of her appointment, she was the Director of Coalitions and Hispanic Outreach for U.S. Rep Paul Gosar.  Before working with Gosar, Martinez was the political director of the Arizona Republican Party.

Martinez describes herself as, “A pro-life, pro-gun, back the blue, protect our border, love America, protect our elections through election integrity conservative.  I’m pro-business and pro-growth, she says, but want to make sure we have enough water and resources for future generations.”


After considering her options, Teresa is endorsing Steve Zipperman for the Arizona State Senate representing Legislative District (LD)-1, Yavapai County. “Our values and the issues we are concerned about align well.  We are both Constitutional Conservatives, and we are concerned about future generations."

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AZRA - The Arizona Republican Assembly - is pleased to announce today that Steve Zipperman has been endorsed for Arizona State Senator representing Legislative District 1 (Yavapai County).  Mr Zipperman received a unanimous vote of endorsement at the Rim Country Chapter meeting on April 7 due to his clear and consistent allegiance to the Constitutional principles and personal integrity he has displayed in his daily life.

Mr Zipperman has lived his life in service to others.  He took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States when entering the US Army.  He continues to live every day carrying out that oath and will pledge that Oath once again when sworn in as your Arizona State Senator.  

Steve was trained in the medical field and was honored to serve our wounded military heroes at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  After his service in the military, Steve has exemplified excellence in both the Real Estate and Legal professions.

Since residing in Prescott, Steve has been an instructor for Constitutional Studies from Hillsdale College.  Mr Zipperman is the Only candidate who has openly avowed his belief that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen through fraud, and as a result, he has an unwavering commitment to implement effective statewide Election Integrity Reforms.  

Steve is an active member of the Arizona Republican Assembly and demonstrates his commitment to Christian and Constitutional values as a principled America First and MAGA patriot.  For more information, contact Phil Mason: gopphil@aol.com

John Hughes


Town of Dewey-Humboldt, AZ

Dewey-Humboldt is a small town of approximately 4,000 people in Yavapai County.  One of the “Quad Cities”, it was incorporated in 2004 with the concern that growth in the area would endanger the low density, rural nature of the area.


John Hughes is an Arizona native, fourth-generation cattle rancher, and small business owner.  He is currently the Mayor of Dewey-Humboldt, having served four years on the City Council.

After considering his options, John is endorsing Steve Zipperman for the Arizona State Senate representing Legislative District (LD)-1, Yavapai County.  John and Steve are both Constitutional Conservatives concerned about the direction of the country and the state.

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John Gunby

Coach - Mentor - Instructor

 SWPGA Hall of Fame Inductee

John Gunby has a long and prestigious list of awards and recognitions which are a testament to his great love of this country, it's people, and the game of golf.  In 2011, John coordinated an annual Veteran’s Day fundraising golf tournament for the Wounded Warriors Foundation.  He then initiated PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) and began a PGA HOPE Comedy Show to raise funds for the program.  

For John’s many philanthropic initiatives, he received the Southwest Section PGA Patriot Award in 2019 for his dedication and tireless work for the well-being of others.  

John Gunby's dedication and professionalism in his 40+ year golf career, earned him the 2013 Southwest Section PGA Golf Professional of the Year, and the 2017 AGA Champion of Golf Award recognizing his “Selfless lifetime service to the Game of Golf in Arizona.  


Very rarely has an individual been inducted into both the Southwest Section PGA Hall of Fame and the Arizona Golf Hall of Fame, in the same year.  Both organizations inducted John Gunby, Sr. in 2021, the highest honor that these two organizations can bestow.

Lions of Liberty

Who Are We?

We are a resolute nucleus of concerned, passionate conservative patriots who are determined to correct the course of our country which has been hijacked and undermined by global elites, communists, leftists, deep state bureaucrats, and fake news. The overwhelming perversions that dictate our world today must be rectified. The treason and war crimes must be held to the most severe consequences of accountability—We will NOT back down, give up or apologize for what we must do to win this fight.

Our Goals

To bring God back to our leadership and win this spiritual battle for the soul of our nation; To unite conservative groups; To expose and replace R I N O s ; To vet and support Candidates running for elected positions from local to national. They must be true to their constituents—or face dire consequences; To give people hope for the future and actionable strategies to engage the enemy; To restore and preserve the sanctity of this Republic and our voting system for the generations to come; To support and defend the Constitution and our God-given rights therein; And to this end, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor.

The Board of LOL:

Lucas Cilano, Nick Cilano, James Johnson, Brian Mounsey, Bruce Mounsey

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Walt Blackman

Arizona House of Representatives - District 6

Representative Walt Blackman is the Republican who won the 2018 Midterm General Elections for State Representative for the sixth legislative district. With his election win, Walt is the first Black American Republican in the history of Arizona elected to the Arizona House of Representatives. Walt is a constitutionalist conservative who served in the United States Army for twenty-one years.

Walt is a dedicated and experienced senior leader, combat veteran, with two decades of operational and combat real-world leadership experience in the US military. Throughout Walt's military career, he has served his country with distinction and honor. Walt earned several military awards while serving his country, to include the Bronze Star Medal, for combat actions in Iraq, and the Meritorious Service Medal for 21 years of continues honorable active duty service.