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Steve Zipperman for LD - 1 State Senate

Steve Zipperman concedes in AZ LD-1 Senate Race
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Steve Zipperman is a fighter! Having once been a trial lawyer, he possesses the skills necessary to understand, effectively draft, and negotiate legislation best suited for THE PEOPLE of LD-1. Steve is a Veteran and took an oath to God, to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and holds true to that oath today. As a student and teacher of Constitution 101 (based on the Hillsdale College Curriculum), he has a unique understanding of our country’s founding documents, and how our forefathers created this Great Republic. In addition, his genuine passion for preserving traditional American values and Keeping Arizona Red makes Steve, The People's Choice for our Senate seat!


Zipperman is all about service to his community. His desire to serve is centered solely around the concerns and needs of his constituents. Steve takes a stance on many issues, at the top of the list are:


Making public schools compete for student dollars will make them improve the quality of public education.

It's absolutely necessary that we restore confidence in Arizona Elections.

Arizona needs to maintain it's leadership role in the freedoms protected by the 2nd Amendment.

We do not have a nation without secure borders. Steve will make it a priority to keep Arizonans safe.

Zipperman is a true believer of the principles upon which our country was founded upon.

As a fiscal conservative, Steve believes in free enterprise and lowering taxes whenever possible.

Proud Citizens of Arizona

Arizonians, especially those from Yavapai County, are proud conservatives with strong patriotic values. My wife, Sharon, and I left California in search of a community that still holds those values. When we became “political refugees,” by moving to Prescott, we incurred a debt of gratitude to the people of Arizona for accepting us.  We are grateful to live among other patriots who still believe in the Constitution and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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