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Parents Rights


I believe that the money should follow the student. At the parents' discretion, they should be able to direct the funds (with vouchers) allocated to that student to an alternative (non-public school) education, including private schools or homeschooling. Competition makes every business stronger, for the benefit of society. Making public schools compete for student dollars will make them improve the quality of public education.

I am vehemently opposed to a curriculum that teaches children their identity is defined by whether they are the "oppressed" or the "oppressor" and promotes racist principles, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT). Equality does not equal Equity. I recognize that public schools are adopting programs with labels like "Social Emotional Learning (SEL)", which have CRT ideology embedded within them, and calling them "good for students' emotional well-being". This kind of indoctrination does not belong in our schools.

Parents Rights & School Choice

I will draft and support legislation that will:

  • Allow parents of a student to determine whether the public schools are doing an adequate job of educating their child with a proper curriculum, or whether those schools are imposing unreasonable mandates on students (such as wearing masks or receiving injections).

  • Make it easier for charter schools to expand, will improve STEM training in all school curricula, and will increase the availability of trade schools in lieu of traditional colleges.

Election Integrity

To prevent election fraud, I will draft and support legislation to:

•    Require each County Recorder in Arizona to maintain their voter rolls, by promptly and routinely eliminating:  deceased voters, those with multiple entries for the same person, illegal aliens, those who have moved out of their voting precinct, and those who are no longer qualified to vote.

•    Impose government-issued photo ID requirements, before voters are given a ballot, and tighten up government regulations on what proof can be used to obtain a government-issued photo ID.

•    Make precincts smaller – no more than 1,500 registered voters per precinct.

•    Hand count paper ballots, a rather than using machines to tabulate votes.  For voters requiring absentee ballots (active duty military, hospital patients, people who will be out of town, etc.), distribute ballots that require activation, by calling an 800 number, similar to the procedure used for new credit cards.

I will draft and support legislation that, where there is sufficient evidence of fraud, ballot abuse, violation of existing election laws, or significant impropriety of any election procedure, will: 

•    Allow the de-certification of elections and withdrawal of electors to the Electoral College by the Legislature after their certification.

•    Make it easier to for the Legislature to call a Special Session of the Legislature, if the Governor does not do so.

Pro 2nd-Amendment

An avid supporter of the right to bear arms, I am a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), The Well-Armed Woman, and a voting member of the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association.

I believe, as The Founders did, that the only way for a Republic to protect itself from a tyrannical government is through the right to bear arms and defend themselves. I also strongly believe gun owners should be well versed in proper gun training and safety courses.

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Border Security & Immigration

I recognize the urgency to strengthen our border and immigration policies in order to protect Arizonans and ensure their safety.

I will draft and support legislation authorizing funding of the Arizona Department of Public Safety to assist the Arizona National Guard with arrests of illegal aliens coming across the border and increase funding to complete the construction of the border wall within Arizona.

I, as an America First Constitutional Conservative, am 100% in agreement with Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA about the reasons we need very strong border security and control over illegal immigration.  Build the Wall! (Reference video on the right)

Constitutional Conservatism

I will forcefully advocate for policies that yield a smaller, less-intrusive state government, result in lower taxes, recognize the benefit of fossil fuels and focus school education on the basics – not ideologies.  

My initial legislative agenda includes: 

  • Prohibition of mandatory inoculations 

  • Prevent further property tax increases including water tax from private wells 

  • Utilize antitrust legislation on abusive mega-corporations  


I believe that the “can-do” American spirit can be revitalized with policies that reward hard work  with both opportunities and plentiful good paying jobs – policies that recognize private property  rights are fundamental and policies that hold a government accountable to honestly listen AND  respond to its citizens.

Support for Small Businesses

I favor unleashing the power of small business. Whether it is a sole proprietorship, small or mid-sized business, these entities provide employment and most of the goods and services we receive. Unfortunately, they have been saddled with officious over-zealous regulations,  reporting requirements and taxes. My legislative efforts will seek to energize rather than  demonize these incredible assets. I will listen, heed their concerns and target my efforts in full  support of small business. 

President Reagan’s quip of the seven scariest words “I’m from the government here to help” was,  while funny, NO JOKE at all. 


  • Eliminate CRT & SEL in our schools

  • Support our Law Enforcement

  • Eliminate Mask & Vaccine Mandates

  • Promote Pro-Life Policies

  • Lower Taxes

  • Return to The Rule of Law

Election Itegrity
2nd Amendmet
Border Security
Constitutioal Conservatism
Small Businesse
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