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Steve Zipperman Sitting in Blue Jacket

Steve's Commitment to You

I am not a professional politician and I'm not looking to become one. I am a veteran and patriot. I am running because I care about your freedoms and mine. 


I will use my knowledge and experience to represent you. In the military I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic - So Help Me God!      -Steve Zipperman

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Three Reasons to Vote for Steve
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The Only Constitutional Conservative in the Race
Decades of Legal and Business Experience
Deep Roots in the Community
1. The Only Constitutional Conservative in the Race
  • Teaches classes on the history of the U.S. Constitution

  • Presents Arizona Constitutional Law

  • Solid conservative values

2. Decades of Legal and Business Experience
  • Licensed Lawyer and Real Estate Broker

  • Negotiated Thousands of Transactions

  • Taught Commercial and Investment Real Estate

3. Deep Roots in the Community
  • Director of Central District Hospital Board YRMC 

  • Board of Adjustments and Appeals for Yavapai County 

  • Associate Member RWOP 

  • Member Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum 

  • Member Granite Mountain Republican Women 

  • Member at large of Executive Committee AZ GOP  

  • State Committeeman Republican Party  

  • Precinct committeeman for Republican Party PC 

  • First Vice Chair of YavGOP (Yavapai County GOP) 

  • Member American Legion 

  • Member NRA 

  • Gun Owners of America 

  • AZ Citizens Defense League 

God Bless America and the Great State of Arizona!
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