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Bennett Still Refuses to Admit Any Fraud in the 2020 Election!

Jun 11, 2022

Candidates for the Arizona State Senate, Steve Zipperman and Ken Bennett, went toe-to-toe debating issues of great concern for Yavapai County voters on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

You would think that Ken Bennett, having been the establishment pick as liaison for the 2020 election audit, would know the contents of the Cyber-Ninja post audit report. Hundreds of thousands of returned mail-in ballots did not correspond to the official log of mailed-out ballots! Steve Zipperman offered up the official count of these ballots directly from the Cyber-Ninja official Senate report. Ken Bennett’s response: (paraphrasing) According to the hand count vs machine count there was not enough difference to change the outcome of the election.

Ken Bennett continues to ignore the Cyber-Ninjas’ report and the Attorney General’s Interim Report, but more importantly, he refuses to discuss the discrepancies in those reports with the voting public.

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