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Celebrity status is more important than the audit. Especially if you think no one's watching.

Jul 29, 2022

The photo below shows Ken Bennett meeting surreptitiously with, who we have been informed are CNN reporters, in the Coliseum parking lot not knowing security monitoring cameras had been placed in multiple tactile positions in, around, and outside the Phoenix Coliseum.

What we do know from KTAR News is his statement: “Indirectly, I allowed some information that was supposed to be private to get out,” Bennett said. “He leaked it to the press, and I felt bad about that. Obviously Mr. Pullen and maybe the Senate and others were upset. And so that’s why I was denied access.”

He should have known better - he had served in the past as the AZ Secretary of State (and in charge of elections) after all!

Click here for the link to KTAR:

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