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Republican PCs Get Their Day in Court!

Mar 22, 2022

Unfortunately, just two weeks earlier the Arizona House and Senate gave away the electoral rights of the people, and our elected representatives acknowledged that they didn't READ the Bill (HB2839). Steve Zipperman (center of photo), candidate for the Arizona State Senate (LD-1) pledges to always read Bills before voting for them. “Now more than ever, we must stand united in our fight to defeat the left’s ‘Woke Ideology,’ and the ‘Bureaucratic Overreach’ which threatens our rights and the preservation of our country. Today’s victory also proves that we must elect candidates based on their skills, and their ability to best represent the people of Yavapai County. We must not continue to elect candidates with failed voting records of the past, or those seeking celebrity stardom.” Steve also thanked Lois Fruhwirth (YavGop Chair), for all of her hard work, and for making the decision to bring a legal action to defeat this unconstitutional change in the law.

Yavapai GOP Celebrates Victory of Over-Turning Unconstitutional House Bill (HB2839).

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