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You Don't Lie to God in God's House

Apr 30, 2022

ConCR members are known for their devout belief in God and very strong conservative values, and will soon be making their decision on whom they believe will be the best Constitutional Conservative and most qualified candidate to endorse for the LD 1 Senate Seat.

Mr. Zipperman's speech was extremely well received by the approximately 80 or more attendees as he highlighted his America First Constitutional values. He spoke of his Pro Life and Pro Border protection positions as well as the absolute need for election integrity and described what he would do to help ensure fair and free elections in the future.

“Having a strong and committed relationship with God is something we must get back to as a society, as well as a return to Integrity, morality, and self-reliance - all the things which have made our country the greatest nation on this planet”.

Steve Zipperman is the only America First Constitutional Conservative running for the Senate Seat of Yavapai County in LD-1. If you agree with him then he welcomes your support. Go to and sign up to Volunteer and please Donate NOW. Tell the establishment, “We the People” have had enough and we demand better.

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