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A Letter to the Editor

Op Ed Piece from A Concerned Community Member


A Kakistocracy is a government run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens in a society. The Biden administration qualifies on all counts.

The Democratic Party, to paraphrase Kyle Smith of National Review, is a cult of lunatics dedicated to explaining that men can give birth, gigantic new federal spending programs reduce inflation, the comptroller of the currency (the person/office that regulates banks) thinks banking should be run by the government, not banks, energy production should be outsourced to Saudi Arabia (not Texas or Louisiana) and wheelchairs should be added to the mix of vehicles in our transportation system.

Led by a President with a diminished mental capacity who does not (cannot?) answer questions and a Vice President who laughs instead of answering questions, this crop of “leaders” was chosen for their skin color and/or adherence to “wokeness” (they really want to know our pronouns!), not accomplishments and/or experience. They have given us the worst inflation in 39 years, a supply chain crisis that is getting worse, not better, obscene gas prices, looting and “smash and grab” robberies in our big cities (and a crime crisis in general), a massive Federal debt crisis, schools and teacher unions that are failing our children and their families, racial hatred pushed by the federal government, foreign countries advancing on our allies (Taiwan and Ukraine) encouraged by the Biden Afghanistan debacle, and more than two million illegal immigrants being shipped to unknown locations with enhanced welfare benefits and more.

If Joe Biden was purposely trying to destroy the United States, would his administration have been doing anything different than it has already?

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