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Proud Citizens of Arizona!

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Arizonians, especially those from Yavapai County, are proud conservatives with strong patriotic values. My wife, Sharon, and I left California in search of a community that still holds those values. When we became “political refugees,” by moving to Prescott, we incurred a debt of gratitude to the people of Arizona for accepting us. We are grateful to live among other patriots who still believe in the Constitution and Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What happened to California is a cautionary tale. Redistricting changed the political face of that state. Although most of the people were still conservative, our elected officials were not, initially because of gerrymandering (through redistricting). As conservative values were undermined, California’s citizens ceased to be involved in the political process. As a result, the overreach of California’s bureaucratic elites has transformed it into a tarnished, almost third world country, now unrecognizable from the days of Reagan.

No longer is business allowed to thrive, but it is instead burdened with over-whelming taxes and regulations. Housing is no longer affordable due to rising taxes and unsubstantiated environmental regulations. Private property rights are overruled in deference to “the greater good,” rather than supporting individual freedoms.

The Californian political class believes that, rather than individuals knowing what is best for their own lives, as rulers they know what is best for people they have never even met. The political overlords have stopped listening or even caring, about the people they serve. Public policy is now designed to serve the elite in subverted ways.

Due to over regulations and misplaced priorities, the cost of living in California has risen substantially over the years; with high costs of housing, utilities, gas, and taxes. At the same time, the quality of life has declined with significant increases in crime and homelessness due to left wing liberal policies. Immigration is more important to the California bureaucrats than protecting the rights and safety of its’ own lawful citizens. No longer is the conservative point of view recognized as being fundamental in California (including the importance of the rule of law to our way of life; supporting our law enforcement officers who protect our lives and our property rights; fighting for lower taxes; and supporting the rights of the individual as guaranteed by our glorious U.S. Constitution, and as protected by our military).

That must NEVER be the path for Arizona. Yes, like so many hundreds of thousands, we too became political refugees from California. It took us two years to get here, and four years ago, we deliberately set down new roots in Prescott. As soon as we arrived, we immediately knew that we were home and amongst like-minded people in a community that shares our values. We became active in our community, not only trying to repay our debt to Yavapai County, but also working to maintain the solid Arizona values that made America great.

My campaign is all about restoring traditional American values, and faith in government. We are compelled, to take action, and do as much as possible to keep the American dream alive. Sharon and I promise to do all we can to ensure that Prescott, Yavapai County, and our State of Arizona never becomes California.

The explanation above is from the heart. Sharon and I will die here, fighting to keep our chosen home, the State of Arizona, Free, Constitutional, and NOT California.

God Bless America!

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