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Is Steve Zipperman Really A Republican?

The rumor mill is at it again. Just to make this perfectly clear, I have always been a Republican! I voted for Richard Nixon, and for every Republican Presidential candidate since then. Sometimes, I was not very happy with the choices, but I continued to vote with the party, because the ideas asserted by the Democrats were not consistent with who I am. As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe that our Founding Fathers got it correct. God is the source of our rights, and human nature requires checks and balances against abuse by anyone in each branch of government. Some people favoring other candidates in this race have taken it upon themselves to make up a story that I am, or that I was a Democrat. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

At one time, my wife was a teacher in California. Consistent with her occupation, she was a registered Democrat until 1981, and, in fact, was ideologically a socialist. When she started her MBA program at UCLA in 1981, Sharon took her first semester class in Economics. The light went on for her then! She suddenly realized that there is no such thing as a free lunch (that’s what indoctrination will do to a person’s perspective). As a result of what she learned in that economics course, she became in her terms, a “born-again-capitalist,” and registered as a Reagan Republican. She was on the dark side, but she saw the light when she learned about economics. Since then, Sharon has been a fiscal and political conservative. During our Constitution class Sharon tells this story to highlight the fact that people can overcome the stupid training/indoctrination that they receive in college, and then act in a rational manner. Capitalism and free markets are the economic systems that most support freedom of choice. They provide and promote our important individual liberties. So, to quell any speculation, Sharon has consistently voted Republican for the past 40 years. That’s a longer voting record than Reagan and Trump had when they became President.

I am beginning to learn that political campaigns and many people associated with them are nasty, and they don’t tell the truth. Guess I was naïve. But the truth is very important to those of us with integrity. You will not hear me make false statements during this campaign, because integrity is important to me; more important than achieving a political position. I will continue to be truthful, even after I am elected to the Arizona Senate, because that’s just who I am.

If you hear anyone raising this issue, PLEASE tell them the full story. Ask them to call me at (928) 263-8575, and talk to me about my voting history, rather than passing baseless rumors. Just tell them to call Steve, who will confirm that he has always been a Republican!


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