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Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center was ground zero for Zipperman Fundraiser.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

On Friday evening February 25, 2022, the people of Yavapai County turned out to show their support for Steve Zipperman, “Zipperman for Arizona.” It was a Sold-Out dinner and the strong turnout from all points of Yavapai County is a significant indication of who will be the next Senator to represent Yavapai County LD-1.

The theme of the evening was “Community”. Steve Zipperman’s message that he is seeking this Senate seat, as a true servant to the people is resonating loud and strong with the people of Yavapai County.

Guest speakers were notable Patriots from within Yavapai County: Luke Cilano: “Lions Of Liberty,” Shaunta Underwood: “Free American 0704”, and Mr. Brad Scott, a notable community business leader who has testified before Congress on matters of Interstate Commerce. The event dinner was also honored and attended by the presence of House Representative Ms. Judy Burges, of District 1, and running for re-election. Each of these individuals recognizes the strength of conviction in Steve Zipperman and knows Steve is the Right Man, at the Right Time, for the Right State and Steve Zipperman stands for the Constitution and our God -Given Rights.

Not only did attendees enjoy an evening of solidarity for their God Given rights, but their spirits were also lifted, believing there is hope for the future of our country, and keeping Arizona Red.

The evening’s Special Guest Speaker was golf legend and Hall of Fame notable Mr. John Gunby. His story about exercising his First Amendment Right was not only inspiring it also kept the audience laughing. Mr. Gunby is a True Patriot and refused to be silenced in a woke environment. Mr. Gunby’s speech culminated with his personal presentation of his Endorsement Letter to Steve Zipperman as the next Senator of Yavapai County. The crowd went wild!

What was scheduled as a two-hour event, because of the crowds’ enthusiasm, ran almost a half-hour long by the time Steve Zipperman took the stage. Steve spoke briefly about this journey inspired by God. Steve's enduring love for God and Country was evident. He spoke of the need for people to truly learn who the candidates are and what they truly stand for. He spoke of his skill set as a small business owner, a lawyer, and an educator of the Constitution, making him the best choice for this office. Most importantly, Steve spoke of his role, as a true servant leader for the people of Yavapai County. Yes, his message of community, is resonating with ‘We the People.”

Wait, there’s more:

As the event was being brought to a close, the winners of the silent auctions and 50/50 raffle were being announced; What a surprise: Ms. Esther Littman, a Naturalized American citizen from Germany and winner of the 50/50 raffle, donated back her winnings (hundreds of dollars) in support of Steve Zipperman’s campaign! When asked why: she explained: as a child brought from Germany, she saw communism, she has experienced socialism, and she is grateful to America for all it has done. Esther and her family are thankful to be living in a country with the freedoms we have, and our rights granted by God. Thank you, Esther. You are the epidemy of the American spirit!

Watch the Slideshow below for more pictures of the Life, Liberty and Lasagna Event.

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God Bless America!