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Steve Says - March 30th, 2022 Was a Great Day for Arizona!

March 30 was a great day for the people of Arizona! Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation to limit abortion, improve voter ID laws, maintain fairness in public school athletics, restrict irreversible transgender medical procedures on children under 18, and ended his emergency powers under COVID.

I congratulate both the Republican controlled legislature and Governor Ducey for a landmark day. This is a day for all Arizonans to celebrate fairness, and common-sense legislation, while saving the lives of innocent children. These laws are the foundation of Arizona’s conservative, western values, and they preserve the culture that we all enjoy.” The Governor also terminated the State’s COVID-19 Declaration of Emergency based on the State reaching thresholds established by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services.

The Governor signed a large number of Bills on March 30, most impactful are S.B. 1138, 1165, and S.B. 1164. The first of these Bills, S.B. 1138, delays irreversible gender surgeries until the age of 18, but it does not prohibit puberty blocking hormones or any other hormone therapy. S. B. 1138 does not require any child to go off prescriptions they may be taking. The second Bill, S.B. 1165, protects participation and fairness for female athletes. This Bill, created by Senator Nancy Barto, requires all Arizona public schools, colleges, and universities, to expressly designate their interscholastic athletics teams,based upon the biological sex of participating students.

Governor Ducey also signed Senator Barto’s S.B. 1164. That Bill prohibits a physician from performing an abortion past 15 weeks gestation, except in a medical emergency. The Bill also prohibits the prosecution of women who received an abortion after 15 weeks.

On the issue of voter integrity, the Governor signed legislation to ensure that

only U.S. citizens vote in Arizona elections. H.B. 2492, sponsored by Rep Jake Hoffman, requires Federal Only voters in Arizona to provide documentary proof of citizenship. Failure to provide proof of citizenship means they will not be eligible to votein a presidential election, or by mail. Under this law, County Recorders must also reject state voter registration applications that do not include proof of citizenship.

In all, this was a great day for Arizona’s conservatives! But we must remain strong. The left has already rejected the governor’s actions, and liberals will undoubtedly file lawsuits in response to the Bills being signed into law. But, these conservative actions point the way toward the 2022 election, and they show that we have momentum on our side. Please join with me in supporting these efforts! I congratulate House Representatives Burgess and Nguyen, and Senate President Fann, on a productive session of the legislature.

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