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Moving from Distraction to Action

Winning against “woke” demands creating better educational options.

It won’t be surprising if future generations refer to the early 2020s as: An Era of Deliberate Distraction. Peddlers of “woke” pedagogy keep well-intentioned Americans busy fighting against politicized and sexualized curricula like CRT and CSHE.* The battle — though valiant — nevertheless distracts us from an even more fundamental issue with America’s schools: They’re not adequately teaching kids the basics..

Consider the facts: Two-thirds of American 8th graders are not proficient in math and reading.**

While Americans squabble over whether little “Johnny” should be called “Janey,” millions and millions of Johnnys and Janeys are growing up bereft of a basic education.

It’s time to move beyond conversations that the Left wants us to have; it’s time for action.

First, we need to protect school choice after last month’s passage of H.B. 2853, which expands the Empowerment Scholarship Account program in Arizona. All parents can now use tax dollars towards schooling that aligns with their personal values and educational priorities. Families now have the power to direct monies toward public, private, charter or home schools.

Passing and protecting this new legislation is only part of the path towards a better education. Author and educator James A. Lindsay warns:

“The woke are going to weaponize school choice to their advantage, and if you don’t understand how, you’re going to walk into the trap.”

Lindsay explains that teachers colleges notoriously produce left-wing educators. If ESA dollars become contingent upon using teachers licensed by woke institutions, then school choice will devolve into a distinction — without a difference.

“If the woke have a monopoly on teacher licensure, then they have a monopoly on the product,” he says.

Lindsay elucidates many other compelling points that underscore why school choice is a necessary but insufficient step forward. You can listen to his 11-minute podcast by clicking here.

The freedom to choose comes with the responsibility to create good choices. Time is of the essence. While we continue fighting radical left-wing agendas in our nation’s existing schools, we must also energetically develop new educational options for America’s youth. Each and every one of us has an important role to play. If you are interested in learning more about what parents and concerned citizens in the Quad Cities are doing, please

To explore what’s going on in other parts of the state and country, please take a look at the following initiatives:

  1. The Barney Charter School Initiative (a program of Hillsdale College)

  2. Dream City Christian School (a Turning Point Academy)

  3. Merit Academy (formed by frustrated Colorado parents)

  4. If you know of other initiatives, please email


* Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sexual Health Education, as discussed in my previous Zip Line blog articles. ** Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics

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