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Steve Says: My Decision to Launch the Real Ken Bennett Website

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

When Ken Bennett announced he was going to run for Arizona State Senate, my team and I took a deep dive to find everything we could about Ken’s record while in office. Did he really do the things he said he did? Did he accomplish what he said he accomplished? Did he author the legislation he said he authored? Did he lead the fight he said he led?

You can ask any one of my campaign volunteers, my Grassroot Guerillas, about the Zipperman Campaign rules of engagement. From the beginning, we pledged we would always be a clean campaign, and that we would always conduct ourselves in a polite, respectful, and upstanding way. So, when my campaign advisors told me, "Now is the time to take the kid gloves off and go after Ken," I was very hesitant. They said, "How long are you going to listen to Ken Bennett be untruthful about his record and accomplishments before you say, "Enough!"

Before I agreed to launch to expose his fabrications, my stipulations were:

  • Everything on the website about him had to be truthful.

  • All sources had to be verified and checked for accuracy.

  • Nothing would attack Ken or his family personally, just his record and actions.

The website,, addresses many issues that our constituents need to know. Ken says that during his term in the State Senate, spending did not increase. You’ll find that’s simply not true. Arizona experienced more than a 64% increase in total government spending under Ken Bennett's leadership. All numbers came from the official Arizona State budgets. When confronted by these facts, Mr. Bennett changes our original assertion into a totally different conversation. Sol Alinsky would be proud of that diversion technique.

Another issue that Ken hasn’t been truthful about is the number of COMPLAINTS filed against him by the Clean Elections Commission! When asked about his Complaints, Mr. Bennett says he’s never had a VIOLATION. He's playing word games again. We can prove that the official records show he’s had four COMPLAINTS by the Clean Elections Commission. One of these Complaints in 2018, which included a filed Affidavit under penalty of perjury, centered around Mr. Bennett hiring a woman named Christine Bauserman (who Bennett paid the sum of $17,500 for “Administration-Other”). Ms. Bauserman collected his required $5.00 payments, in violation of A.R.S. Section 16-946(B)(4) by employing, retaining, or otherwise compensating a person for the solicitation of qualifying contributions. As a professional politician, head Election Officer for the State of Arizona, and Secretary of State, Ken Bennett knew or should have known the rules, but Bennett knows how to be very slippery, and to use words and his political friends to sidestep his responsibility and the truth.

Ken Bennett claims that for 12 years he has presided over clean and fair elections in Arizona. But the records that in 2006 10% of early ballots cast in Yuma County had to be rejected due to a failure of signatures to match. In 2010, Bennett was informed of ballot harvesting abuse by David Lara. In each case, it appears Ken chose not to make the public aware of the problems. In 2020, evidence submitted from the same source about the same ballot harvesting scheme resulted in convictions by AG Brnovich, and were highlighted in the movie, 2000 Mules. Maybe if Ken made the public aware of what he knew back in 2006, the 2020 ballot harvesting issues would have been resolved by then.

Please go to and if you find anything that isn’t 100% validated by data and facts, please let me know. Unlike Ken, if I make a mistake, I own up to it and will remove the material.

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