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My Response to Mr. Chris Kuknyo, Campaign Manager for Quang Nguyen

This post is in response to Chris Kuknyo's email accusing my campaign of false statements.


It was Mark Twain who said, “It is difference of opinions that make horse races.” Elections are similar . . . different opinions as to who has the best opportunity to not only win the race, but to be successful after the campaign for the good of the people. 

Your belief that Ken Bennett is being torn down after having served so many years in public office, and you giving him credit for LD-1 being a red beacon with solid conservative walls, is surely your opinion.  Many may share your opinion.  I clearly do not.  It is true that Ken Bennett has served many years in public office, but his accomplishments with “solid conservative walls,” in my opinion, is truly false and simply has never been challenged. Mr. Bennett voted with Democrats far too many times, and we have had enough compromise on conservative values in our Senate.  I can imagine why such a challenge on my part has upset you. But Chris, Mr. Bennett’s history speaks much more clearly to this point than anything I could distribute. His record shows that Ken is far more of an establishment tool than you would like to admit.  As you know, my goal is to return our government to We the People. We have had enough of the establishment benefitting personally from their decisions. It’s time that our government heed the needs of the People for a change.

In recent months, Ken Bennett presented his “apology tour” around the State. There he declared that no evidence of fraud has been provided and has repeatedly ignored the numerous harsh irregularities which were uncovered during the forensic audit. He was supposed to know the facts of the audit. The citizens of LD-1 were not impressed with Bennett’s views on the 2020 Election, or the forensic audit during his apology tour. Many in the audience caught-on to the similarities between Ken’s statements, and those of Speaker of the Arizona House Bowers, neither of whom thought anything irregular took place other than the surprise loss by Trump to Biden in Arizona. 

Chris, your bias is showing. Your statement includes many false assertions about many different issues. When we first met, you were my campaign manager and I thought you were a credible person. Now, I know better. How quickly you abandoned me for the “good old boy network.” Ultimately, you will have to answer to God for your sins, not me.


Steve Zipperman


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