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Russia Should Not Have Invaded Ukraine

Countries should not invade or topple the governments of other countries, period! Name any conflict in history, and the post-mortem analysis will show the two largest casualties of war are innocent lives and the truth.

Sadly, the Ukraine invasion is proving no different and the casualties are many. Sharon and I are keeping the people of Ukraine in our thoughts and prayers.

It's hard to know what’s really going on in Ukraine in real-time because two-thirds of what we are seeing in the news gets debunked as fake or old footage within 48 hours. So much fakery is being produced that the BBC and Forbes have published articles on how to spot it. The Hill's Kim Iverson does a great job of breaking down and debunking many of the early false reporting in this video.

As stories are getting debunked, an NBC article takes a different approach. They begin with "Of the many distortions manufactured by Russian President Vladimir Putin to justify Russia’s assault on Ukraine, perhaps the most bizarre is his claim that the action was taken to “denazify” the country and its leadership". But did a cartwheel in paragraph three; "But even though Putin is engaging in propaganda, it’s also true that Ukraine has a genuine Nazi problem — both past and present." What a contrast to the false, but effective and virulent“Weapons of Mass Destruction” war cry from the UK and US governments about Iraq.

As of this writing, a massive number of companies have banned sales, cut services, and stopped shipments coming to or from Russia. The Russian State Ballet of Siberia is the latest company to have UK performances pulled. As idiotic as it may seem, the International Cat Federation has banned all cats from Russia

and all-Russian breeds from competing in international competitions. You would think Russia let loose a deadly virus that caused a worldwide pandemic that killed over 6 million people!

Will speaking out against the Russian invasion, and pointing out the #FakeUkraineNews, send attacks my way? I have no doubt it will. But I will never cower from the mob who have silenced and censored so many skeptics before me. I urge caution, debate, and deliberation when politicians and candidates are calling for more sanctions that will punish Russia and reward Ukraine. I believe we must fully understand how this will affect American interests with every action we take, especially when we aren’t sure what is true and what is not.

The Atlantic is forecasting that these punitive actions against Russia could put the odds at “one-in-three” of aU.S. recession this year, and they definitely, “Will Change the World.” The Federalist has a piece titled, “Why Cutting Russia Off from Global Banking Will Bite the United States.” In it, the authors state, “The overuse of financial sanctions risks much of the world losing confidence in the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.”What are the implications of that, in these uncertain financial times?

I want to summarize by leaving this last thought with you. Advocating for retribution against a country's leadership, by cutting off imports, money, and food supply is a very dangerous move. These actions have aligned Russia, China, and Iran, and if we are not careful, more nations unfriendly to the U.S. will join them. It will only be a matter of time before we, as American citizens, pay for the crimes of our reactionary government.

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