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Speed Dating: not for the faint of heart

Updated: May 4, 2022

From the Desk of Cowboy Dave:

At a recent event held in Cottonwood, sponsored by the Verde Valley Republican’s and moderated by Rose Sperry, club President, candidates from all over the GOP spectrum gathered at what was an opportunity for these candidates to sit down with Republican voters and have small group discussions.

Each candidate was afforded the opportunity to sit with 4 to 8 people at a table for fifteen minutes, then move to the next table to meet with another group until each candidate sat at all tables in the room. Yep, GOP Speed Dating.

Amongst those candidates running this year were Steve Zipperman, a Constitutional Conservative, Ken Bennett, longtime establishment Republican, and Noel Campbell, a former legislator, coming back from retirement. They were all participating in the event as they compete for the LD-1 Senate Seat being vacated in 2023 by Karen Fann.

Mr. Zipperman, a retired attorney and successful small businessman, was in his element and excited to express his conservative views as he races into the Primary.

Ken Bennett, former legislator, was angered when asked about his previous failed attempt to make the Gubernatorial ballot in 2018 running against Governor Doug Ducey. Apparently Mr. Bennett, having failed to make the ballot for the governor’s race, sought a court order to have the taxpayers pay him close to $840,000.00 for a lawsuit he filed against the Clean Elections Committee. Mr. Bennett’s lawsuit failed! REALLY, Mr. Bennett. You failed to qualify, and you wanted to take it out on the taxpayers.

Mr. Noel Campbell showed visible frustration and agitation when confronted with his personal past voting record and his admitting he accepts lobbyist and special interest group money, expressing lobbyists "explain to him what the bills mean". Really Mr. Campbell: You accept money from lobbyists to learn and understand what the bills mean?

Speed Dating: Good or bad, you decide. When it comes down to the election however, I want and expect an elected official to represent the interest of “We the People” and not be influenced by their own personal gain.