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Steve Says: The 2000 Mules Documentary Proves 2020 Election Fraud

I recently watched the Dinesh D’Souza film “2000 Mules.” At the very least, the movie makes a compelling case using what appears to be incontrovertible evidence that not only was there massive “ballot stuffing” fraud in Arizona and other key swing states, but that the fraud literally stole the election from former President Donald Trump and gave it to President Biden.

My position has always been that the 2020 election results in Arizona were fraudulent and election integrity must be restored here and through the nation. The criticism I took from my political opposition was harsh and I challenge them to watch this documentary.

2000 Mules, produced by Dinesh D’ Sousa, focused on research by True the Vote, a group that began in 2010 for the purpose of stopping voter fraud. “True the Vote has the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 elections in the world,” said investigator Gregg Phillips. “No one has more data than we do.”

The stunning information to many of us is that we can be tracked by our cell phones, even when they are turned off. True The Vote used this technology to track people who were paid to pick up ballots and run them to drop boxes at different locations around a city or even across counties.

D’Souza’s documentary calls these deliverymen “mules,” and exposes 2,000 of them by geo-tracking cell phones to what I’ll politely call “ballot modification stations.” Combined with 4 million minutes of surveillance video, their research uncovers a widespread system of organized crime and mass ballot manipulation.

In a perfect journalistic world populated by real journalists, this film would indicate a large amount of smoke worthy of investigation. But again, the same super-partisan, leftist media is making zero effort to get to the truth. I challenge any Democrat, Trump hater, any Never Trumper to watch the film and see whether their rock-solid belief in the honesty of Mr. Biden’s election remains so afterward.

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