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Subtract Emotion. Add Evidence. Convince doubters that a Radical, Leftwing Agenda is, indeed, afoot

by Ruth Littmann Ashkenazi

Homophobes. Transphobes. Racists. Right-wing conspiracy theorists. Religious fanatics. Domestic terrorists… These are some of the ad hominem attacks on U.S. citizens who are taking a stand against leftwing radicalism that is infiltrating America’s public and private schools.

In my previous article for the Zip Line, I discussed how proponents of radical “woke” education portray their agenda as kind, tolerant, level-headed and fairly non-controversial – when, in fact, it constitutes a mission to teach our children that America is an inextricably racist, hateful nation comprised of oppressors and victims. This agenda is divisive, destructive and increasingly dismissive of parents who stand in opposition to it. Nevertheless, there are Americans who doubt the problem is real and pervasive.

“That’s not really happening…” “Conservatives are blowing it all out of proportion…” “You’ve been watching too much (fill in the blank): Fox News, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro…”

If you are met with eye-rolling when voicing your concerns about the trajectory of US education, don’t get frustrated; don’t give up. Stay calm … and share evidence.

Opening the eyes of doubters is not an easy task. Below are several links that you can share; they contain footage and facts rather than pundits' opinions. Before sharing, be sure to read and watch them yourself.

  1. The New Racism In America

  2. Example of CRT in Minnesota Schools

  3. Gender Support Plans

  4. Examples of Teachers Coming Out to Their Students

  5. Interracial Couple Fights Critical Race Theory

  6. How Moms and Dads of Loudoun County Took Back Virginia

I recommend asking doubters for their thoughts on these articles and videos. Engage people in two-way, rational discussions, and remember: Angry outbursts will be used to feed the Left’s insidious narrative labeling you as among the “unhinged.” Don’t fall into that trap – no matter how much you abhor the woke agenda (and, indeed, there is much to abhor). Keep in mind that doubters aren’t necessarily supporters of that agenda; there's a good chance they are oblivious to what is really going on. Help educate them by acknowledging that we all receive information from different sources, and in the spirit of curiosity and mutual respect, be sure to request from your doubters' information that you might have missed too. Not everyone will bother exploring what you share with them. Not everyone will be receptive. Move on to people who are.

“The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.” - Ibram X. Kendi