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The Content of One's Character

Martain Luther King, Jr. was right. The content of one’s character should be what we are all judged upon, not the color of our skin. Many current theories pushed by the left are based on the color of a person’s skin – Critical Race Theory, Social Emotional Learning, and who qualifies for monoclonal antibodies when hospitalized for Covid. These discriminatory practices should not be implemented in our society. In fact, they are actionable in Court. Dr. King’s message was a good one, and was promoted by the left for many decades. Yet now, those values have been undermined by the same political ideologues who not so long ago promoted his views. Today is a day of remembrance, and we need to reflect upon Dr. King’s messages, such as non-violent civil disobedience, First Amendment protected assembly to redress our grievances with our government, and the view that we are all God’s children – no matter what the color of our skin. All of these American values are under attack today, and they should be protected, and cherished. Thank you, Dr. King, for reminding us of what is right about America!


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