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The Lines Between Truth and Fiction Are Often Blurred

From the desk of Cowboy Dave

In a recent mailer, Ken Bennett and Quang Nguyen have attempted to influence voters by associating themselves with our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. Unfortunately for Mr. Bennett, the Trump rally made it very clear that he is NOT supported by Trump. In fact, just the opposite! View Video Below:

Interestingly, neither Quang nor Ken were anywhere to be seen at the rally. Now granted there was a full house that evening, yet you would think that a sitting legislator running for re-election, and a candidate such as Mr. Bennett, would want to be seen with a captive audience of approx. 6000 MAGA VOTERS. I guess MAGA people are not their people.

Why is it that Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Bennett were nowhere to be seen at the Trump Rally? The answer is quite simple. The evening was filled with hope for making America Great Again. The message from all who attended the rally, including Donald Trump, Kari Lake, Mike Lindell, Sheriff Lamb, and every guest speaker was very clear...... we must vote for only America First candidates! We must drain the swamp! We must say no to the establishment, and the RINO’s within. Remarkably, even Kelli Ward has seen the light! Watch The Video Below.

Now, Mr. Bennett and his Tin Foil Hat elites are mounting multiple attack ads trying to discredit Steve Zipperman. There is only one problem with their approach. As is usual for those who act in fear - much like the liberal left, they speak only with innuendos and unsubstantiated claims.

In contrast, all information at has been verified and sourced. Even Mr. Bennett is making unfounded accusations. Really Ken, so much for your statement that you won’t run a smear campaign. It is clear that your false assertions against Mr. Zipperman are just that – false accusations in an effort to discredit an honorable man.

PS. Mr. Bennett, I believe Ms. Tanzi has already received her supply of tin foil, please keep an eye out for your delivery!

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