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From the Desk of Campaign Manager Cowboy Dave:

As we get closer to the initial results of votes cast this coming Tuesday evening, for those who have not yet voted for their choice of either Steve Zipperman or Ken Bennett, here are some issues to consider:

Unfortunately, those in power will do and say whatever they can to maintain their power in the last two or three weeks leading up to election night. This practice has always been the case here in Yavapai County, and this year is no different. Mr. Bennett, his campaign, and his establishment surrogates have run radio ads and sent out vicious, baseless, and malicious emails, in an effort to discredit Steve Zipperman. They've frequently misrepresented Mr. Bennett’s political record and even lied about Steve Zipperman in attempts to sway voters.

From day one Steve has had a target on his back! Why? Because he is a man for “We the People.” Unlike his opponent, Ken Bennett, Steve Zipperman is not a Career Politician, and he is not the favorite of the elite establishment. Steve will not follow instructions from the establishment or tow the party line, just for political points. He will however stay true to our Constitution, and to the great people of Arizona. Steve is not part of the "Good Ole Boy" network and will not bow down to kiss the ring of Karen Fann.

Instead, Steve has chosen to awaken and unite the Patriotic and Conservative base of the Republican party here in Yavapai County and throughout all of Arizona. Steve has proven his America First agenda and his dedication to our Constitution, as evidenced by the support and endorsements of so many great conservative organizations and steadfast Constitution-loving elected officials from throughout our great state of Arizona.

Click Here to download and view the current list of Steve’s endorsements. then compare these Patriotic Conservatives to those establishment elites who support Mr. Bennett. Steve is a true leader, who wholeheartedly believes in servant leadership, as did our Founding Fathers. As a teacher of the Constitution (Constitution 101, a Hillsdale College Curriculum), Steve has the knowledge, strength, and courage to stand strong against those who far too often, yes even in our own Republican party, distort the vision of our Founding Fathers.

In the 2020 election, we witnessed the greatest election fraud in our country’s history. What was Ken Bennett’s perspective, as the “eyes and ears” of the audit? Oh, nothing to see here, move along. Yet the evidence of fraud could not be more clear. Go to and see for yourself how Mr. Bennett ignored all of the extraordinary evidence from the Cyber-Ninja reports. Then, watch video recordings of Jovan Pulitzer and Patrick Byrne, who both were present during the audit and who know Ken Bennett personally. In contrast, Steve Zipperman has consistently acknowledged the fraud in the 2020 election and has vowed to do everything in his power once elected to bring forward legislation to prevent this from ever happening again.

Steve testified several times in Phoenix during this past legislative session, in support of Bills that are beneficial for the people of Arizona, and in opposition to Bills that are not. Where was Ken Bennett? Surely, we would have seen him.

Steve is against CRT/SEL in our schools. Steve has a path forward to secure our border, and eliminate election fraud, Mr. Bennett does not. Steve has taken a pledge to always put God, Country, and “We the People” of Arizona first.

When you cast your vote for the next Senator of Legislative District 1, if you have not already done so, ask yourself, “Am I casting my vote for a candidate who will preserve the principles and beliefs of our Founding Fathers and fight to protect our Constitutional and our God-Given Rights? Or am I accepting more of the status quo?

It’s time for a change. It’s time to Vote Steve Zipperman!

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