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Zipperman Responds To Questions Submitted To Popular “Republican Briefs” Website

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

On January 24, 2022, the popular online site Republican Briefs ( published answers it received from AZ candidates to a specific question received from readers.

The question was as follows: "Have You Ever Run A Business?"

In response, Steve Zipperman, "Constitutional Candidate" for AZ Senate Seat in Yavapai County LD-1, answered as follows:

"As an American Patriot, real estate broker and business attorney, I prospered in the free market. My experience makes me the candidate who can negotiate, understand and pass legislation to keep Arizona a conservative, business oriented, family friendly State.

My positions include strong support for: The Second Amendment, Pro-Life values, School Choice, Lower Taxes, and Less Government intrusion into our lives. After serving in the U.S. Army, I obtained my Real Estate Broker’s license in 1983, and owned and operated a successful Century 21 office for several years. The key to everyone’s prosperity is getting government out of the way.

I worked my way through Law School in the Hardcore Gang Unit of the L.A. District Attorney’s office, then practiced law for 28 years. In my law firm, I negotiated thousands of transactions, resolved hundreds of cases, and gained invaluable experience in environmental, real estate and business law. Many business owners consulted with me frequently to resolve difficult business issues. I will use my extensive business experience and education to minimize the impact of our expanding government on small business. I closed my law practice and retired to Yavapai County, leaving behind a State devastated by lawlessness and corruption.

I vow not to allow that to happen in the Arizona I love. Arizonans need to remain free from government intrusion in their lives. My campaign is a grassroots movement to keep Arizona as the guardian of Traditional American Values and beliefs that made America the greatest, most prosperous country in the world! Capitalism, family, and faith are the foundation of those beliefs. We must ensure that Arizona remains a business and family friendly State, while educating and preparing each of our children to succeed."

Other candidates running for various offices in Arizona also submitted their responses. The absence of any responses from Steve Zipperman's opponents in LD-1 was obvious.

Apparently, Mr. Zipperman’s opponents don’t find the constituents questions to be important enough to respond to them.

Visit, and click on the link for January 24, 2022 to view the official brief. Readers are encouraged to send their campaign related questions for AZ candidates to Briefs Editor Frosty Taylor at


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