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Key Priorities for Arizona

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Strong Borders

The border is an ever growing problem.

The Federal Government needs to

be held accountable.

We do not have a nation without

secure borders.

Economy 2

Smaller Government

Less Government, Lower Taxes, and Fiscal Responsibility are the answers to a

sound economy and private sector growth.

Election 2

Honest Elections

The Arizona Revised Statutes need

to be reformed to guarantee

free and fair elections.

Education 2

Pro-Family Education

Our schools are failing in basics

like Math and English. We must

reverse this trend.  Our children deserve

a better start to their future.

2nd Amend-2

Second Amendment Rights

Citizens of the United States of America

are guaranteed the right to Bear Arms.

This is a sacred right given to us by

our Founding Fathers and one that

must be protected and honored.


Water & Land Management

We need a long term citizen-centric

plan to protect our natural resources

for future Arizonans.

Which issue is most important to you?

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